Silver's Photo Gallery
There is hope for your ugly duckling
to become a beautiful swan!
How do you get from
This picture was taken only a short time before I
decided to buy him. He looked more like a donkey
than a "beautiful Spanish Horse". But I had faith,
and it was worth the wait. He turned into a beautiful
and very special horse. "Solo" as I and everybody
that knows him call him, is now my best friend, that
will stay with me for as long as he lives. Thank you
Jan Miller for breeding and allowing me to purchase
such a unique and wonderful horse.
Silver at 11 years old
Silver at 8 months old
Love,Time and Patience !
Take a journey through the years of developement.
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At age 2 1/2
Age 8 Winning in Dressage, Halter and Best Movement
At age 7
Age 11 Exhibition Horse
Juan Llamas, Silver and myself