Silver (Solamente a.k.a. SOLO)
               Silverado x Odisea IX
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We are proud to have Silver Solamente as the foundation sire here at El Silencio Farm. He has proven him self over and over by producing offspring that brings home winners ribbons, Champion titles and Gold Medal Movement Awards. Silver Solamente produces foals with good size, spectacular movement, great conformation and lovely personalities. His purebred son Serrano ESF was named 1999 ERAHC Grand Champion Stallion at only 15 months of age, judged by Lady Sylvia Loch. Silver Solamente has of course a very impressive show history himself. In 2000 at the ERAHC show Senior Juan Llamas chose him to be the Champion in the following classes: Pure Spanish Stallions, Andalusian Senior Stallions, the Best Movement Class and also gave him 3 Gold Medal Movement Awards. Sr.Llamas also commented on Solo's walk. He mentioned that that was one of the best walks he had seen in his entire life. Before the 2000 show, Solo was several times the Reserve Champion (missing it only by 1 point) in the halter class and could also show big success in previous Best Movement Classes (he either won it or came in second), the judges have been giving him scores of 8 and 9 for his walk and trot. Needless to say he brings home the Gold Medal Movement Award on a regular basis. It seems, that his offspring is following in his footsteps. Please, consider breeding your mare to Silver Solamente for the gray foal of your dreams.
*1992 15.2 h grey P.R.E. Stallion            
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